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Friday, February 8, 2013

Review Of Album: "In A Minute...I'm Watching TV" By Terry Paul Roland - Available On iTunes.

Album Promo: "In A Minute…I'm Watching TV"
Artist: Michael McCarty   Critic-Journalist: Terry Paul Roland
By Terry Paul Roland (LA's Americana Music Magazine, No Depression "The Roots Music Authority"-est. 1995 Americana Music News)
Michael McCarty is a veteran of the late-60's Hollywood music scene when it wasn't unusual to bring a pop sensibility to psychedelic pop-rock. The cleverly titled, In A Minute...I'm Watching TV, defines and deepens its expression through lavish studio production, distinctive melodies and lyrical insights so well, it feels like these gems span decades of creative inspiration. To be sure, his main influence is John Lennon and the Magical Mystery Tour production style, but his lyrics reach for something higher than hooks and imitation. The themes run from insights into interpersonal relationships, big business,personal loss, and the daily redemptive and healing power of love. Underlying every track is a sense of positive faith that is infectious. McCarty's vocal character is soulful, authentic and distinctive. If you love the latter-day Beatle sound fused with originality that resonates with a hard-fought wisdom, this is the record for you.

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